Newspaper Stories Overview

3/22 PPD, p. 9B. Story, headlined “Railroad accused of destroying documents”, is about the Canadian Pacific RR allegedly destroying documents and e-mails to avoid their being used in a law suit involving chemical spills in Minot, ND.

3/22 PPD, p. 2A. Story, headlined “Inefficiency curbs world food aid”, is another government report documenting how poorly a government program to feed the hungry has been run for the last few years including a 43% drop in food delivered.

3/22 PPD, p. 5a. Story, headlined “Anti-Clinton online ad creator unmasked”, is another demonstration of the power of the net and poor judgement of some of the young ones who are adept at using the net.

3/22 Strib. p. A1. Story, headlined “Huckleberry Finn wins first round in St. Louis Park”, documents the latest attempt to censor Twain’s classic.

3/23 PPD. p. 2C. In the “Technology” subsection there is a story, headlined “Net neutrality studied”, about the beginning of an FCC study which will look at how to keep the net available to everyone.

3/23 Strib. p. B5. Story, headlined “Traffic camera bill hits red light”, is about the photo cop bill dying (perhaps) in a House of Reps. committee.

3/23 Strib. p. B5. Story, headlined “Funding sought for program to protect battered women”, is about another instance of a good program, protecting addresses of battered women, which has not been started because of lack of funding.

3/23 Strib. p. A1. Story, headlined “Doctors ties to drug firms raise concerns”, is about reports that drug companies have been required to file with the state Board of Pharmacy describing payments to doctors and for what. It was only recently that anyone looked at the reports. The executive director of the Board is quoted in the article as saying that now that they know there is interest in the reports they may be posted on their web site.

2/24 Strib. p. A7. Story, headlined “Memo shows Gonzalez approved of Attorneys’ firings”, continues to show the importance of actual data in sorting out what our government is doing.

2/24 Strib. p. A6. Story, headlined “France’s X-files – first country to put UFO sightings on a web site” is about another interesting use of the net.

2/24 PPD. p. 1A. Story, headlined “Gonzales, aides met to discuss firing attorneys”, is similar to the Strib story noted above.

2/25 PPD. p. 2C. Story, in Technology subsection and headlined “Search suit dismissed” is about a lawsuit brought by a web site alleging Google intentionally designed its index to make the site difficult to find.

2/25 PPD. p. 1E. The Watchdog column has a story entitled “Travel Insurance” which includes commentary about how credit card companies monitor the uses of cards in real time.