Lots of news on government information

3/28 PPD, p. 2C. In the National subsection, a story headlined “Research firm sues to see auto safety data”, is about a group that studies tire failures suing the U.S. Department of Transportation.

3/29 Strib, p. E4. in “News of the Weird”, the first item describes a website being operated in Finland that allows voters to match their physical appearance with the appearance of candidates so they can vote for people who look like them.

3/30 Strib. p. A10. Story, headlined “Soldiers’ VA cure hindered by lapses in use of digital medical data”.

3/30 Strib. p. A12. Story, headlined “Interior official altered reports, inspector says”, is about another instance of government reports being altered for political reasons. The story also describes release of confidential information to selected businesses.

3/30 PPD, p.1C. Story, headlined “Ridder’s clear break scuffed” includes allegations that the new publisher of the Strib took confidential data from the PPD.

3/30 PPD, p. 1A. Story, headlined “St. Paul candidates join You Tube nation”.

3/30 PPD, p. 7a. Story, headlined “Bush appointee altered species reports to benefit landowners”, is the same story as described above but with a more direct headline.

3/31 PPD, p. 2C. Story, headlined “Technology ‘xxx’ hits red light again”, is about defeat of a proposal to give pornography its own address on the web.

3/31 PPD, p. 1C. Story, headlined “Ridder says exit made in good faith”, continues the saga of what Rider took from St. Paul to Minneapolis on his laptop.

4/1 PPD, p. 3A. Story, headlined “Bush fills attorney post with insider” is based on analysis of the resumes of new U.S. attorneys.

4/1 Strib. p. A9. Story, headlined “Many prosecutors had inside track”, is the same as the Pioneer Press story mentioned above.

4/1 Strib. p. D1. Story, headlined “In a hurry for ultrafast Internet”, is about the City of Eagan looking for high speed internet for the entire city including the possibility of laying fiber citywide.

4/1 Strib. p. B1. Nick Coleman’s column, headlined “If Heffelfinger hadn’t quit would he have been purged”, is Coleman’s take, using public e-mails, on the local effect of the U.S. attorney fiasco.

4/2 Strib, p. A11. Story, headlined “From cabarets in Cyprus to drivers in Qatar, dangers abound for Americans abroad, the State Dept. warns”, is about a state department cataloging dangers of foreign travel, which is put up mostly for businesses, according to a spokesperson, but is available to anyone.

4/2 PPD, p. 2B. In the “Bulletin Board” feature is an item, headlined “Will the library let me borrow this book? It’s ‘TOO SOON TO TELL'”, is about a technology twist in libraries.