June 6th to June 9th

Strib=Star Tribune and PPD=St. Paul Pioneer Press

Strib, 6/6, p. D1. “Minneapolis Wi-Fi boots up.”

PPD, 6/7, 10B. “Maybe it should be called Homeland Insecurity Department” is an opinion column including a discussion of a highly redacted Inspector General’s report on the Homeland Security Department.

PPD, 6/7, 1A . “U, Google unite to put books on-line” describes the new agreement between the U and Google to computerize books in the U collection.
See whole article below as copied from this link:

U, Google unite to put books online
Pioneer Press – Article Last Updated: 06/06/2007 11:54:20 PM CDT

The University of Minnesota and other Big Ten schools will team up with Google to digitize as many as 10 million books, including 1 million from the U.
U officials Wednesday called the deal a big step in preserving important works – including its Scandinavian and forestry collections – and improving scholarly research by making materials easy to find and search on the Web. Google picks up the digitizing tab, estimated at $60 a volume; the schools pay to get the books ready.
Google will post “snippets” of copyrighted materials and point viewers to places where they can buy the book or get it at a local library. Entire books in the public domain can be searched or downloaded; generally, that means government documents and material published in the United States before 1923.
Visit books.google.com/googlebooks/ library.html to read more.
– Paul Tosto

PPD, 6/7, 6A, In a story, headlined “Rights groups seek end to secret U.S. detentions” includes descriptions about FOIA brought which try to reveal the extent of the detentions.

Strib, 6/7, A1 “Study of 3M chemicals, no cancer cluster is found” summarizes the results of a government study.

Strib, 6/7, A1. “U deems its library collection Googleworthy” is similar to the PPD story noted above.

PPD, 6/8, 5A. “Report: CIA prisons in Poland, Romania” is a story based on a report of a European government agency.

PPD, 6/8, 5A. In a mini-editorial, headlined “Make FOIA Stronger”, paper calls on Congress to enact pending improvements to FOIA

PPD, 6/9, 5A. Story, headlined “Why withhold officer’s name?”, discusses, among other things, the basis in the Data Practices Act for not releasing the name of the undercover officer involved in a road rage incident.

PPD, 6/9, 5A. Story, headlined “Rash of suicides, attempts infect Indian reservation.” is based on government data. However, the story points out the data is incomplete because the computer tracking suicides and attempts was down for six weeks.

Strib, 6/9, A16. “Senate should pass open-government bill” is an editorial supporting changes to FOIA.