Catching-up on Government Info in the News

Strib= Star Tribune of Minneapolis and PPD = St. Paul Pioneer Press

Strib, 5/20. p. A1. “High hopes. Sad Reality” is a story about what has happened to the Minneapolis Public Library system. Much of the story is based on government data.

Strib, 5/20. p. A19. “Justices’ questions reveal the people behind the law” is a story based on analysis of U.S. Supreme Court transcripts of Court proceedings.

Strib, 5/22. p. E2. “Tracking the cost of war” is a story about websites, using government information, that are devoted to reporting on the dollar and other costs of the war in Iraq.

PPD, 5/28. p. 4A “Anti-terror track record scrutinized” is a story based about the Department of Homeland Security based on a study of government information.

PPD, 5/28. p. 1B. Although the story headlined “Files stolen and identities used” does not involve government data, it does involve the College of St. Catherine’s with which many COGI folks have strong associations.

PPD, 5/30. p. 12B. In the Metro/Regional section, a story headlined “City unveils new online crime map” describes how the City of Eagan has put some crime data on line. The City’s decisions about what to put up indicate either confusion about what is public under the Data Practices Act, timidity or something else.

Strib, 5/31. p. D1 Story, headlined “Thomson, U to connect using speedy Internet 2” describes a coming development by which Thomson West and the University of Minnesota will stream court proceedings to law firms. Given the Minnesota judiciary’s long term resistance to cameras in the courtroom, this is an interesting development.

Strib, 6/3. p. A6. This story, headlined “State-disciplined doctors still on drug payroll”, describes another use, this time by the N.Y. Times, of the State of Minnesota data base into which doctors are required to report their contracts with drug companies. The story illustrates what can be done with government data and some creative analytical work.

PPD, 6/3. p. 11A “Doomsday plan shifts control to White House” is another story, based on government information, about expansion of executive authority by the Bush administration.