July 27 to August 4 – Bridge Collaspe included

Strib=Star Tribune of Minneapolis PPD=St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch

Strib. 7/27, p. B1: “Pension case settled for 1% of losses” is a story based on government data.

Strib, 7/27, p. B1: “Three trucking firms falsified reports, official affidavits say” is a story based on government data.

PPD. 7/29, p. 9A: “Bush appointee blocked health report” is another instance of suppression of government information. (Similar story on in Strib. on 7/28.)

PPD, 7/31, p. 1B: “Prosecutors admit key evidence withheld” illustrates game playing with government data and inattention to retention policies. It also includes an incorrect interpretation of the Data Practices Act. (Similar story same day on p. B4 of Strib.)

PPD, 7/31, p.3B: “Medication errors cited in Veterans home report” is a story based on government data.

Strib, 7/31, p B1: “City report warned of times to be out of the sewer” is a story based on a government report.

PPD, 8/1, p.1A: “Key bridge in light rail plan can’t hold trains” is a story based on a draft report ob trained under the MGDPA.

PPD, 8/3, p. 1B: “High court upholds breath test challenge” illustrates the growth of difficult government information issues when you combine the government with technology and copyrighted computer code.

PPD, 8/4, p. 1C: “Now, who do I sue” is a discussion of the fallout from the bridge collapse. However, it also contains information about a secret settlement in a previous lawsuit.