Government Data News Summary July 17 to July 21

Strib = Star Tribune and PPD = St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch

Strib, 7/17, p. A10: In Nation and World section, story headlined “University President, two others forced out” is about what happened after these officials covered up a rape and murder in a dorm at Eastern Michigan University.
(Same/similar story on page 2A of 7/17 PPD.)
University president, two others forced out
Three Eastern Michigan University administrators — President John Fallon, Vice President of Student Affairs Jim Vick and Public Safety Director Cindy Hall — lost their jobs at the 23,500-student university, months after they were accused of covering up the rape and slaying of a student. The school officials publicly ruled out foul play in the Dec. 15 death of Laura Dickinson, 22, despite evidence to the contrary. It was not until another student, Orange Taylor III, was arrested in February and charged with murder that Dickinson’s family and other students learned that she had been raped and killed. Taylor has pleaded not guilty and is scheduled for trial Oct. 15.

Strib, 7/19, p. 1B: “Folks still flocking to Cities? Maybe not” is a story based on government data and disagreements between agencies about how to count migration.

PPD, 7/20, p. 1A: “Reported dog attacks on rise” is a story based on government data. Similar story in Strib on same day.

PPD, 7/21, p. 4B: “Couple exposes drug raid error” is a story about a drug raid gone awry. This story presents an interesting public data issue because the police agencies refuse to name the officers involved.