Summary Minutes COGI Board Meeting Jan 7, 2008

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Minnesota Coalition on Government Information
Summary Minutes – Meeting of the COGI Board

January 7, 2008

Attendees: Helen Burke; Katie Engler; Alan Malkis; Mary Treacy; Julia Wallace; and, Laura Wittstock.


Information was provided on “a save the date” for the March 1, “Afloat” event, confirmed reservation of Pohlad Hall at the Mpls Central Library for the FOI Day event; and, a variety of legislative developments, including an alert concerning S.F. 2345 a bill that would greatly enhance the government’s authority to declare certain data to be civil investigative data and therefore not public.

Board Development.

The Board agreed that we should recruit additional members so that the Board would have full membership of 15. COGI needs to function more formally including such things as election of officers, creating an executive committee of the Board, filing of reports, and following our by-laws.

Helen Burke was nominated to be Chair of the Board and elected unanimously.

Robbie LaFleur was nominated to be Treasurer and elected unanimously.

Don Gemberling was nominated to be Secretary and elected unanimously.

The Board agreed to create an executive committee of three members until such time as the Board gets to full membership of fifteen at which time the executive committee will be expanded to five members.

The Board asked that all members of the Board be provided with an up to date copy of our by-laws.

The Board discussed recruitment of persons to fill the Board vacancies. Various board members volunteered to contact groups and individuals to either recruit Board members or ask for nominations. Mary Treacy should be informed of progress on contacts. She should be provided with new and updated contact information.

Contract for Consulting Services.

The Board discussed the draft of a contract under which Mary Treacy would agree to perform certain services for the Board. Amendments to the contract were discussed and approved.

After being moved and seconded, the contract was unanimously approved with the changes as discussed.

Mary’s Thoughts.

Mary Treacy reminded the Board of the document she prepared in which she presented her thoughts on what the Board needs to do to make COGI a successful organization. She asked that the Board keep those thoughts in mind as we continue our work.

FOI Day and the Finnegan Award.

Possible nominees were discussed. Mary Treacy will send copies of the nomination forms to the Board. As per last year’s successful experience, the website and other mechanisms will be used to solicit nominations from the public

Meeting Schedule.

The Board agreed that we should be meeting more often. The Board agreed that it would meet on the following dates and at 4:00 p.m. on those dates: 1/21; 2/4; 2/18; and 3/3. Unless otherwise announced, the meetings will be held at the Midtown Commons Building.

The Board meeting was then adjourned.

Submitted by Don Gemberling, Secretary.