News of Interest-St. Paul Pioneer Press & Star Tribune

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Pioneer Press 3/11, p. 3B. Story, headlined “Bismarck, N.D. / NCAA can keep suit documents private”, is about a judge’s decision, in the lawsuit brought against the University of North Dakota by the NCAA, to make certain documents provided in the lawsuit by the NCAA not public. The article describes a publication of the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office which summarizes the North Dakota public records law.

Pioneer Press, 3/11, p. 4B. Story, headlined “Journalists petition for cameras in the courtroom”, describes efforts by the media community to liberalize use of cameras in courtrooms. This is a Sunshine Week activity for the media.

Pioneer Press, 3/11, p. 2A. Story, headlined “Privatization Comes Under Fire”, describes criticism of the company with ties to the Bush administration, that was managing some of the bad facilities at Walter Reed. Privatization almost always raises information access issues.

Pioneer Press, 3/11, p. 5A. Story, headlined “South Korea reviews painful past”, is about individuals in South Korea who, during the time of military dictatorship, were tortured into confessing to being subversives and who are now trying to clear their records.

Star Tribune, 3/11, p.AA2. This is a column by the Strib’s reader rep, Kate Perry, entitled “It’s time for more access to Minnesota’s courts”. It is about the petition submitted to the Supreme Court asking for changes to the rules about cameras in the court room.

Pioneer Press, 3/12, p. 3A. Story, headlined “Feds fall short on e-record access”, is about a study, done by the National Security Archive in D.C., about how well federal agencies are doing with the amendments to the federal foia that were supposed to improve public access. In short, those agencies are not doing well.

Pioneer Press, 3/13, p. 3B. Story, headlined “High Court Explores Photo Cop Conflict”, is about yesterday’s argument before the Supreme Court about the legality of the Minneapolis photo cop ordinance.

Star Tribune, 3/13, p. B4. Story, headlined “Justices Drill Down on Photocop’s Issues”, is also about argument before supreme court.