News about government information

Strib=Star Tribune and PPD=St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch

Strib, 6/24, p. A9: “The silent influence of Dick Cheney” contains interesting comments about how the V.P.’s office handles government information.

Strib, 6/25, p. A8: “The silent influence of Dick Cheney” is the second part of this series with more information related comments. This article focuses in part on the role secrecy played int he development of the administration’s position on torture. Both these stories raise difficult questions about how the history of the Bush administration will be written given the penchant for secrecy and keeping information “off the books”.

Strib, 6/26, p. A8: “Cheney’s secrecy fits long pattern” is an editorial discussing the V.P. and secrecy. It contains the following quote. “Secrecy is antithetical to the American values of government openness and public access.”

Strib, 6/27, p. A1: “CIA releases files on illegal spying in U.S.” is largely focused on CIA activities in the 1970’s. Can we imagine what kind of spying is going on now that a lot of it has been legalized by the Patriot Act?

Strib, 6/27, P. A3: “Prisoner’s bid draws big costs, experts” is a story about a Massachusetts’ convict’s demand to have a sex change operation. Much of the story is based on documents obtained under the Mass. FOIA with interesting results. For example, the operation would have cost $20K. So far, the State’s fight has cost $52K.

Strib, 6/27, p. B1: “Health chief grilled for four hours” describes the hearing about the Health Department’s Commissioner withholding information. There was testimony from a Health Department employee that she was told not to put information about these the issue in writing. (Clear attempt to evade the Data Practices Act?)

Strib, 6/27, p. B2: “Court rules doctor’s rights were violated, but he may get license back” includes a discussion of part of the Court’s decision upholding release of data about doctors under the Data Practices Act.

PPD, 6/27, p. 1B “Told to quit, health chief apologizes” is the PPD’s story about the hearing discussed above.

PPD, 6/27, p. 5B. “Court rules for board in cancer doctor case” is PPD story about the doctor issue discussed above.

PPD, 6/27, p. 3A, “CIA domestic spying detailed” is the PPD story about the CIA 1970’s spying.

Strib, 6/28, p. A1, “State’s drug law goes to Congress” continues the discussion about the drug company payments to doctor’s data base. This story includes information that when the reporters first started looking for these reports, they were found in dust covered boxes.

Strib., 7/1, p. A5: Garrision Keillor’s column, entitled “The public library: A place of respite, still” is a reminder of why many of us LOVE libraries.