Government information in the news

PPD=St. Paul and Strib is Mpls Star Tribune

3/20, PPD, p. 1A. Story, headlined “E-mails shed new light on prosecutor firings”, is the latest in the ongoing saga which, from an access perspective, demonstrates how important access is.

3/20, PPD, p. 1B. Story, headlined “Racial gap found in juvenile sentencing”, once again shows how records can be used to identify racism in the criminal “justice” system.

3/21, PPD, p, 3A. Story, headlined “FBI data collection may have broken law up to 3000 times”, is the latest chapter in this story about how law enforcement violates the law when it goes after information.

3/21, PPD, p. 6B. Story, headlined “Watchdog group faults drug company reporting”, is about records on how much drug companies pay doctors and how little anyone notices.

3/21, PPD. p. 12B. Column, headlined “Brain becomes just another scannable, searchable body part”, is about technology which scans how the brain works and potentially reveals much.

3/21, Strib, p. A1. Story, headlined “How much do drug companies pay doctors?”, provides a little more detail about reports sitting at the state Board of Pharmacy which have been rarely used.

3/21, Strib. p. A6. Story, headlined “Six ranked in top third of prosecutions filed”, is based on analysis of the actual performance records of the fired U.S. attorneys.

3/21, Strib. p. A9. Story, headlined “Law makers warn FBI it could lose broad spying powers because of abuse, is similar to PPD story described above but includes more details including an allegation that 600 of the record searches were because of misconduct.

3/21, Strib. p. A12. Letter to the editor, headlined, “Medical Records Bill. Redefines Privacy Right”, is a letter describing a bill going through the legislature which the writer believes diminishes medical privacy.

Don G.