2/21/07, Don found the following.

Business Section, page 1D, article headlined “Wireless Leash 2.0” is about an Eagan company that makes software to turn cell phones into tracking devices so that companies can always know where their employees are. This should be entitled “Electronic Slavery 2.0”.

Front Section, page A11 headlined “Audit Questions Accuracy of Federal Terror Statistics”. Turns out federal law enforcement types have “cooked the books” on how much terrorism is actually happening. Gee, I wonder why anyone would want us to be more afraid? (See Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote about the fear based perils of trading freedom for security.)

Pioneer Press:
Local news, page 6B headlined “Lawsuit Seeks Rail Firm’s Financial Records”. This is another chapter in the fight the Mayo Clinic and others are having with the DM and E railroad that want to run big coal trains through Rochester and get federal money to do so. The article is about attempts to get records on the company using the federal Freedom of Information Act. In the wonderful world of earmarks, last year’s congress, at the behest of a senator who used to be a lobbyist for DM & E, put some millions into a bill for this railroad.

Pioneer Press:
Local News section, page 12B headlined “U Might Lift Ban on Fighting Sioux”. This is about a committee established by U of M to look at whether the current ban on the U’s playing any sports with UND, except hockey, should be modified. From the access standpoint, this committee meets in secret and, in the words of its Chairwoman, has “decided not to take minutes” of its meetings. It may help to know that a couple of years ago U of M lost a lawsuit after claiming the U was not subject to the Data Practices Act. Under the DPA, any minutes of this group would be public.