This weekend there was a fairly chunky update from our two local papers.

4/4, Strib, p. H3. Story, headlined “Rain barrels for city residents”, presents the interesting problem of only being able to order something from the government if you can go to a web site.

4/5, Strib. p. A5. Story, headlined “Sun is threat to Global Positioning System” demonstrates that nature sometimes will overcome technology.

4/5 Strib. p. A7, Story in Nation subsection, headlined “Man pleads guilty to National Archive theft”, is about an intern stealing historical documents and putting them on E-bay.

4/5 PPD. p. 6B. Story, headlined “Surveillance operation alleged by a fired Wal-Mart worker”, discusses possible spying by Wal-Mart on a number of people including critics.

4/5 PPD. p. 1A. Story, headlined “Mammograms best read by human eyes”, is another story about the limits of technology.

4/5 PPD p. 6A. Story, headlined “National Archives intern admits theft”, is same as story described above.

4/6 PPD p, 1A, Story, headlined “Justices strike down Photo Cop in Minneapolis, is about the end of the photo cop lawsuit.

4/6 PPD p. 1A. Story, headlined “Pentagon debunks Saddam ties to al-Qaida, is about a government report help us understand reality between truth and fiction.

4/6 PPD p. 9A. Story, headlined “FCC wants better tracking of 911 cellular calls”, is one of those good/news bad news technology stories.

4/6 PPD. p. 1B Story, headlined “Metro leans hard on water reserves”, summarizes a state study of water use.

4/6 PPD. p. 1B Story, headlined “2 pawn chains sue city and police”, describes a lawsuit in which collection and use of customer data is part of the dispute.

4/6 Strib. p.B1. Story, headlined “Caution: Lots of road work ahead”, includes a brief description of a MNDOT spokesperson decision to withhold MNDOT ratings of construction impoact from the public until challenged.

4/6 Strib. p. B3. Story, headlined “Pawnshop firms sue St. Paul”, is similar to story described above.

4/6 Strib. p. A1. Story, headlined “Red-light cameras illegal, state high court rules”, is similar to other photo cop story described above.