The latest update from two local papers.

4/7 PPD, p. 6A. Story, headlined “Global warning papers softened by U.S., China”, is another example of politics trumping science in government information.

4/8 PPD, p. 1A. Story, headlined “When drug firms pay doctors, what do they get?”, illustrates what we can all learn from state information.

4/8 PPD, p. 1B. Ruben Rosario’s column, headlined “Prosecutor’s office loses its way” illustrates the reluctance of government agencies to provide access to embarrassing information.

4/8 PPD, p. 3D, Story, headlined IRS Lax in preventing ID Theft”, is another in a continuing series of instances of government computers,full of personal information,being lost or stolen. (500 IRS laptops lost or stolen over a 3.5 year period.

4/8 Strib, p. A3. Story, headlined “Scientists feel climate report is too weak”, is also about politics interfering with science.

4/9 Strib, p. A9. Story, headlined “Iraq’s resilient symbol of hope: the library” includes information about a unique role for a library director – finding guns and ammo to protect the library.

4/9 Strib, p. A3. Story, headlined “Army prosecutions for desertion up sharply”, is based on a government report.

4/9 Strib. p. A8. Story in Nation subsection, headlined Effort to catalog all species living tops 1 million”, is about the work of the National Museum of National History.

4/9 PPD, p. 2A. Story: headlined “Army cracks down on targets deserters”, is similar to Strib story above.

4/9 PPD. p. 4B, Story, headlined “Used car title search settlement criticized”, is about Carfax and its access or lack thereof to public records that it uses to develop car histories.

4/10 Strib, p. A1 Story, headlined “Ex-Viking Marshall gets pardon for drugs”, illustrates the affect of public records.

4/10 Strib, p. A1. Story, headlined “Minnesota joins states backing ban for a national ID”, is about legislation opposing the national ID, i.e. driver license, federal mandate.