18 August to 27 August

PPD=St Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch
Strib=Star Tribune

PPD, 8/4/07, p. 1C: “Now who do I sue” is a story about possible lawsuits stemming from bridge collapse. It also includes discussion about a City of Mpls. lawsuit settlement that should have been public but was not.

Strib, 8/7/07, p. A1: “Buzz begins over the future of state transportation Comm’r” includes note about MnDOT taking the names and phone numbers (public data) of bridge inspectors off its website because of “possibly threatening calls”. (Emphasis added.)

PPD, 8/8/07, p. 1A: “As bridge aged, its rating improved inexplicably” includes following statement: “What prompted the [rating] increase is unclear . . . . ” Illustrates need for complete government data.

Strib, 8/9/07, p. B1; ‘Popular North Side police official demoted” includes statement by Chief Dolan that reasons were between him and Edwards. Thought this was public data.

Strib, 8/12/07, p. A14: “Out east, E-Z pass gives drivers a fast lane to divorce court” illustrates the unintended consequence of surveillance type electronic “convenience”.

PPD, 8/12/07, p. 6A: “Chinese city tracks its citizens” using a system being bankrolled by banks in the United States. (1984 meets Wall Street.)

PPD, 8/15/07, p. 7B: “Teen charged in 15 year old’s death” includes statement from sheriff that he is withholding the identity of the victim because “data practices issues”. (Names of victims of crimes are almost always public.)

Strib, 8/15/07, p. B5: “Body found near Backus was of girl, 15” contains same statement as above.

Strib, 8/16/07, p. A11: “Rumsfeld quit day before election” does not explain that his resignation letter was obtained using the federal FOIA (Freedom of Information Act.)

PPD, 8/16/07, p. 8A: In Iraq update story about Rumsfeld resignation letter, “The word Iraq doesn’t appear. . . .” it does explain letter obtained under FOIA.

PPD, 8/17/07, p. 6A: “FBI director’s notes detail meeting a ‘feeble’ Ashcroft” is based on government data. Similar story in 8/17 Strib.