Opening Doors: Finding the Keys to Open Government

Check out’s webcast; it presents a great opportunity for the public to be involved in the crafting of this directive. During the webcast, individuals who are intimately involved in formulating the administration’s policies and agendas will explain the initiative’s goals, receive feedback from the audience, and let members of the public know how they can continue to participate in the discussion.

Minnesota Monitor – NKOTB

James Sanna’s great piece about Minnesota Monitor (The New(ish) Kid on the Block 5-26-08) is making its way through the media maze — and with good reason. Sanna describes the origins, mission and staff of MM with clarity. He goes on to analyze the context, including MM’s “sibling” enterprises linked through the Center for Independent Media network of news websites.

It’s a good story and a great introduction to the forthcoming National Conference on Media Reform, sponsored by Free Press and coming to Minneapolis June 6-8. “Key issues include net neutrality, media consolidation, the future of the internet and the quality of journalism.”

Feb 26 Access Advocates meet with Senator Don Betzold

Senator Don Betzold, chief author of pending legislation related to the format for all state government information (SF131), will meet with access advocates on Monday, February 26, 5:00 p.m. at the offices of the Minnesota Council on Nonprofits, 2314 University Avenue West in St. Paul. The meeting is sponsored by the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information (MnCOGI), the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, and the Telecommunications and Information Policy Roundtable (TIPR), SLA-MN and ASIST.

The proposed legislation, though specifically related to preservation, opens the door to a broader discussion of the state “information chain”, a chain that reaches from collection to end-user access, from open access to protection of privacy – and all the links along the way.

This is an opportunity for stakeholders to learn more about the current bill, to discuss the need for comprehensive strategic planning, and to share perspectives on information/telecommunications policy and practice.

Senator Betzold, a DFLer from the Northwest suburbs, chairs the Senate Finance Committee-State Government Budget Division. He also serves on the Judiciary and State and Local Government Operations and Oversight Committees.

In 2006 Senator Betzold received the Peter S. Popovich Freedom of Information Award presented by the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists. The award cited Senator Betzold’s “long and consistent work to foster open government during his legislative career in the Minnesota Senate

This meeting is free and open to the public. The office building at 2314 University is just a block East of Raymond on the South side of University. The #16 bus goes by the door; the #50 bus stops at Raymond and University. Parking is readily accessible east of the office building. Enter through the east door and watch for signs.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

Public Safety and Civil Justice

Chair: Rep. Joe Mullery

February 1, 2007
12:30 PM
10 State Office Building


I. Call to Order.
II. Approval of Minutes:
III. HF117 (Thissen) Personal jurisdiction over foreign corporations and nonresident individuals modified
IV. HF161 (Haws) County and regional jail booking fees increased Chief Deputy Dakota County Sheriff David Bellows
V. HF189 (DeLaForest) Scalping of tickets prohibition repealed
VI. Overview of Data Practices – Historical background; Presentation by Don Gemberling
VII. Adjournment.