A Couple of Great Blogs

No longer is it a question of getting home in time for a favorite TV show – there’s little to watch and, if it’s really good, it’ll be on YouTube. Of late, though, I’ve found myself wanting to be near the computer mid-day, anticipating two of my favorite “you’ve got mail” beeps.

One is MinnPost, always loaded with the day’s news and views. The other is the beep from State Sunshine and Open Records, a product of the Lucy Burns Institute, a Madison, Wisconsin nonprofit dedicated to sharing information, guidance, practical advice, legal developments and news about open records at the state and local level. The voice is that of Leslie Graves.
This blog is fresh, full of snippets, tidbits, tips, foi-ish gossip, and fun! Take, for example, the Sunshine Troublemaker of the Week award. Or consider a recent blog devoted to the access challenges at the school system level. Or check out this best use of FOIA entry. It’ll give you the flavor.
Signing up for the email version will give you that healthy mid-day boost of energy to press on, knowing that the good fight is not without good people, good information and good humor.

Future Tense

Future Tense is the NPR radio show hosted by Minnesota’s own Jon Gordon – the February e-letter is always current and full of interesting tidbits. This particular issue seems especially relevant to MnCOGI readers.

Here are some of the topics:

Piecing together the shredded documents of the East German secret police
YouBama is a hub for Internet videos on Obama
The argument against government-funded journalism
Bailing out journalism
Complaints of the digitally privileged